By Elle Von Jaeger, Kaela Flores, Dana Flynn

Our Core Value: Excellence. Ethics and Honesty. Do Good.

  • Past and current team members who are genuine with great work ethics, are ethical and honest with a happy, positive personality always  find their experience here to be enjoyable, rewarding and challenging…
  • Positivity, strong work ethics, honesty and genuine passion are all qualities we are looking for that would also allow one to thrive at Haus of Jaeger…
  • Causes we support: Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, Sustainability and Education
  • Ask the Founder Questions

Talented. Meets High Expectations. Unique. Innovative. These are just a few words to describe Haus of Jaeger. As a global company, we are uniquely qualified to help brands grow and get to the next level through our digital excellence, strategic insights and creativity. This type of achievement is not arrived without the culture and team behind the scenes.

Leadership and Company Excellence

Haus of Jaeger is a premier fashion/luxury consulting firm that delivers excellence with a talented team of various expertise and cultural background from strategic, numeric to creative, under the leadership and management of our founder Elle Von Jaeger.

All work at Haus of Jaeger are the master mind and initiation of the founder, who is always closely working with every team and personally give them lots of guidance and directions to ensure it fulfills the quality standards at Haus of Jaeger.

People who are genuine, passionate, dedicated and looking to grow tend to find that they thrive at Haus of Jaeger. Haus of Jaeger offers a fast-paced environment; learning and growth potentials if you have the right mindset and attitude. Those who enjoy challenges find the experience at Haus of Jaeger to be rewarding. Positivity, a strong work ethic, honesty and genuinity are all qualities that would allow one to thrive at Haus of Jaeger.

Team Spirits: Ethics and Honesty, Do Good

Haus of Jaeger cultivates an environment that is rewarding and productive with positive and diverse people from around the globe. The Haus of Jaeger team prides themselves on their good work ethics and positive mindset. Since the beginning, ethics, honesty and do good mentality are not only heavily emphasized among our team members, but also placed onto any other businesses and companies out there.

Our past and current team members who bring an uplifting attitude with passion and driven personalities, excited about their work, hardworking, are ethical and honest always find they can not only be productive contributors at Haus of Jaeger, but most of all have an enjoyable, rewarding and challenging experience as well. They found their experience to be productive because of their genuine, engaging characteristics and an overall happy, positive and stable personality.

Ultimately member experience is directly proportional to how good they are as a team member, their conducts, work and moral ethics. Typically in any workplaces, great employees thrive; mediocre ones have matching so-so experience with the work place due to their lack of capability to learn and gain from the work experience; statistics show that typically bad employees with misconducts and lack of work ethics project exactly who they are and their own quality onto others and complain about the work place as well as their “negative experience”. 

Core Values

Since the day it is founded, the company has an excellently written Culture Book and lots of trainings. Not only do we teach the team members how to be excellent, the company also has a socially good mentality. One of it being rather than only having people do the most mundane work, also really give them opportunities to do exciting, challenging work, give them freedom to be creative, innovative and grow into the best versions of themselves. In this aspect, Haus of Jaeger is probably one of the most forward thinking and do good companies out there.

The company also built various teams of great talents, fostered collaborative and pleasant team environment and relationship, all would be non-existing without the foresights and proactive planning of the leadership.

However we also realized something key and important is missing. After six months of exploration, trials and errors, we have finally built an excellent candidate selection system. Selecting the right people who are genuine, ethical and honest are much more important and comes before picking their expertise and work experience. The system is now so robust that it will rigorously filter out the wrong candidates who lack genuine motives, have lots of their own issues and will therefore be toxic for the company culture.

Our members must be honest, genuine and produce effective work that represents the company’s quality standard. The collaborative environment of the company thrives on combining different perspectives from across the globe. This is why we attract the attention of people from all over the world. We’re a fusion of European and American culture, aiming to create an open-minded, honest, respectful, and resilient work environment.

Causes and Social Movement:
Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, Sustainability and Education

As society is constantly changing, socially progressive and humanity issues begin to come to light. Haus of Jaeger believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, gender equality, sustainability, ethics and human rights.

Sustainability – We acknowledge the fact that there are inhumane practices to mass produce products in the industry. We’d like for companies to be held accountable for providing their workers with a safe work environment as well as better pay. Fashion brands should be conscious of the environmental and social impact the industry and its production generate and strive to shift to become sustainable brands.

Gender Equality – “According to a recent survey entitled “The Glass Runway” conducted by McKinsey & Company in partnership with the CFDA and Glamour, only 14 percent of leading womenswear brands are run by a female CEO. And that’s not due to a lack of female talent in the fashion pipeline, or a lack of ambition.”  – Fashionista

Contradictory and disproportionate to its economic success, US ranks 53rd place globally in gender equality, have lots of issues to face and progress to make. 

Diversity & Inclusion – We also hope the fashion industry becomes more diverse and inclusive. As a society, we must advocate for more representation of diverse bodies and identities in fashion shoots, magazines, and advertisements. Haus of Jaeger hopes the fashion/luxury industry presents more underrepresented communities. The need for more LGBTQ+, gender fluid, size-inclusive, models is at an all-time high. We believe representation matters, especially in the fashion/luxury landscape. Designers and brands such as Prabal Gurung, Michael Kors, Christian Siriano, Brandon Maxwell and J. Crew etc. are having diversity models of varying sizes, ages and races, and real people walking down the catwalk during fashion weeks.

Prabal Gurung Diversity InclusivityPrabal Gurung Feminist

Prabal Gurung models wearing T-shirts with political slogans like “Our Minds. Our Bodies. Our Power.”, “We will not be silenced” and “This is what a feminist looks like.”

Although fashion is much more progressive today than ten years ago, there’s still much left to do. With Gen Z and younger generations being more and more socially progressive, the global pandemic health crisis and disruption of the supply chains, the long lagging behind and sometimes isolated fashion industry has finally awakening up and is taking many steps forward in the right direction for the industry’s reformation and innovations.

Education – According to some US employment experts, Institutions don’t care about students’ morals and ethics as students nowadays are taught to go do whatever to get what they want, without much care or regards for morals and ethics. Some institutions, in order to protect their names and reputations, will cover up student misconducts. All these in the long run will be detrimental for the society and the education system. Haus of Jaeger recognize the importance of ethics and honesty in the education system. Education reformation and progression in such regard are pertinent.

One of the reasons our founder created this strategy consulting company, is to raise voices for various issues in the industry, change its mindset and help drive innovations. Our team members are passionate and driven in contributing to these causes they truly believe in.

Ask Our Founder: Elle Von Jaeger

Our Founder and the “Fashionpreneuer” behind Haus of Jaeger, Elle Von Jaeger, has combined her expertise with passion for fashion/luxury brands to help other brands succeed in the industry. Particularly in the retail space, we must focus on transforming and adapting to the new digital world. As a fashion and luxury marketing strategist, Elle understands the business side of fashion— effective branding strategies, influencer outreach, and omnichannel marketing, among many others. Elle’s industry experience is widespread, having spent years immersing herself in both the culture and business of fashion.

Having worked with leading fashion brands, celebrity designers, and consulting with some of the top fashion companies across the globe, Elle is equipped with the knowledge and experience to take established and emerging brands to the next level. In her multifaceted approach to brand growth, Elle utilizes her knowledge of branding, PR, social media marketing, and product design. Each client requires the use of different strengths and through consulting sessions, Elle can target those needs and formulate strategies to meet them.

Upon the team’s request, our founder has answered these questions posted by the team:

Q: What does Haus of Jaeger value?

A: We value ethics, honesty and “Do Good” mentality for both individuals and businesses.

Q: Describe your company culture in 5 words? What values do you wish to show through you and your team?

A: Excellence. Creativity. Innovation. Honesty. Do Good.

Q: How do you manage your team members across the world?

A: I am familiar with Europe, US and Asian cultures. This allows me to acknowledge their differences and blend them in a way that will be most beneficial for the entire team and the company. It will also help team members form the right attitude and motto in their career and life.

Q: How did you create the team and foster a collaborative team environment?

A: I have created and built all teams here, as well assigning, initiating and quality control all work. There is not an internal or external work product or process that didn’t go through my guidance, direction and quality governance. They all exemplify my visions and standards.

Our team participates in and assists with new member selection. I also foster team atmosphere and relationship “behind the scenes”. Often times, they don’t even realize the great colleagues and teams they have, or even friendship, are completely my work that would otherwise be non-existing.

Q: How is your leadership experience be like?

A: It isn’t until my practical experience here that I realized I am very good at identifying team dynamics and patterns, guiding team work and produce work output, probe the team in a way to assign them exciting, challenging work, and direct them to grow and deliver quality work.

Q: What is the best you learned in building your team?

A: While the company believed in the importance of excellent culture and training in the beginning, we eventually realized selecting candidates who are “Good Employee & Person” material comes before everything else. Culture and training won’t be sufficient to do the right things for the wrong people who don’t have the right inward systems and aren’t happy with themselves. They have to start as a fit, well built and morally good person with positive mentality.

Once the right people are selected, not only they ended up finding their experience with the company rewarding and productive, they also bring so much delightful moments and enlightenment to the company. We have many people who have established role model standards for the company because of their work ethics, productivity and quality of work. As a result, they are also very appreciative of their experience and learning with the company.

Q: What kind of impact do you wish to make?

A: I am hoping my company will be indispensable for brands’ growth, disruption and innovation. I also hope to change certain mentality, mindset and how things are done in the industry. Let them realize these changes will actually bring them positive results in the long run and a better society.

Watch our team members Kaela and Dana talk about company culture and the type of candidates we are looking for in this Jaeger Show episode: